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Ranma Half

Sister Princess
Love Hina
Ranma Half
Samurai X

What happened to Ranma at first...

These pictures are some of the main characters in the show...if you want to see some more pictures pls go to  Pictures


What really made Ranma half a boy and a girl??? all happened when Ranma's father brought him to Jusenkyo in China to train but it so happens that that aremore then 100 cursed springs...while training...Genma(ranma's father)fell into a pond where a panda drowned many many years ago so he took the body of the now...Genma is half panda half man and Ranma fell into a pond where a young girl drowned many many years ago so now he is now half boy half girl.The bad thing is that his father's friend wants to marry off one of his three daughters(Kasumi,Nabiki and Akane)Soun(Genma's friend)ask Ranma to pick one of his daughters but instead..he help him choose andhe chose Akane...

Which one would you vote for???Ranma,Akane

Many other characters appear later in the show...hope i can let you meet them all(PAGE STILL UNDER CONSTRUTION)

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