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Sister Princess
Love Hina
Ranma Half
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Ranma half

Ranma and Ranma

Name:Ranma Saotome
School:Furinkan High School
Curse:Turns into a girl.
Loves:Akane Tendo
Loved by:Akane,Shampoo,Ukyo,Kodachi
Personality:Ranma is a average boy who loves martial arts.Basically,he is good in everything that is about martial arts,well...maybe not every kind of martial arts but he still manages to get through them.Ranma has three fiances.The first one is Akane.Ranma's father and Akane's father arranged their marriage for them.The second one is Shampoo.Shampoo became one of Ranma's fiances because of Amazon Law.The third one is Ukyo.Ukyo and Ranma are together because of a childhood promise.The only person Ranma really  loves is Akane eventhough he doesn't admit it.He hides it by teasing her but when she is in trouble,he will do anything to save her,even if it means risking his life.He might not act like the kind-hearted type but he truly is that kind of person.

Akane Tendo...She looks sooo cute!!!

Name:Akane Tendo
School:Furinkan High School
Loves:Ranma Saotome
:Ranma,Ryoga,kuno and *a lot more*
Personality:Akane is a tomboy,need I say less?Anyway,Akane is actually a really kind-hearted girl who used to hate boys but when she met Ranma,her hatred for boys disappeared.She loves martial arts but she isn't as skilled as Ranma and as strong as him.Akane hated Ranma in the beginning but as soon as she got to know him,she starts to fall in love with him and easily shows it by her actions even if she doesn't admit it.Akane can get really jealous when she sees Ranma with other girls and that can cause her to lose her temper which could get someone hurt.Eventhough Akane is a tomboy,she wishes she could be like her sister Kasumi who is very feminine.

Ranma's Father

Curse:Turns into a cat
Loves:Ranma Saotome
Loved by:Mousse
Personality:Shampoo is an amazon girl.She was defeated by Ranma(boy)when she came to Japan to kill girl-type Ranma.By amazon rules,if a amazon was defeated by a female,the amazon women would have to kill the female but if an amazon women was defeated by a male,she would have to marry the male.Since Ranma defeated her,she must now marry him.She truely loves Ranma so thus she broke the amazon rules and stayed in Japan so she could be with him.Eventhough she is pretty,she isn't the kind soul you think she is when it involves Ranma or anything to do with Ranma.She is mostly mischievious but she can sometimes be nice. 

I will continue adding profiles of ranma ... the profiles for samurai x ... well im gonna put a link inside its page for its profile but i have not done it yet...well sayonara...